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Here’s Why You Should Choose a Cloth Face Mask with Filter Protection For When You Are At Work

Many people may not care about how well their cloth face mask protects them.  This is true especially if they are living in a country wear wearing a cloth face mask is not common.

There are many reasons why you should wear a cloth face mask.  It is not only because of pollution or smog.  Wearing a cloth face mask is great if you work in a crowded office.  This is because wearing a face mask protects you and those around you from getting sick.

People may scoff at the idea of wearing a cloth face mask at work, but this is the new normal now for many of us.  So, when your company makes wearing a cloth face mask mandatory, how do you make sure you get the best one?

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Choosing Disposable Face Masks

Many people will buy boxes of disposable face masks and use those.  They are cheap and offer adequate protection.  But the downside is that people can be lazy to replace then every day.

That means that they end up wearing a disposable face mask that has several days’ worth of germs on it.  This can get them and those around them sick.  It also is not attractive to see someone pull out a mouldy disposable face mask from their bag and wear it.

A disposable face mask loses its protective benefits after a day or so.  It can in fact become a breeding ground for germs.  It also does not offer any extra protective benefits.  Such extras can include more barriers as part of the cloth face mask design.

Wearing a cloth face mask is something where you should not get the cheapest masks.  This is because, not only do they have reduced protection, but they may be low quality also.  There is no filter included so you do not get a cloth face mask that is as breathable as it needs to be.

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Choosing Washable Cloth Face Masks

Other people choose a washable cloth face mask.  Unlike disposable cloth face masks, being washable and reusable is a benefit.  You do not have to keep on buying cloth face masks all the time for a start.  But even washable cloth face masks may not have the required protective benefits.

You can get a washable cloth face mask that does not feature triple layer protection.  Triple layer protection is when the outer layer is breathable. The two inner layers are absorbent and breathable.  Many washable and reusable cloth face masks may only have double protection.   That may be enough for some people, but you should really use three-layer protection for best results.

It is All About the Filter

So, what is the benefit of having extra protection layers?

Cloth face masks with triple layer protection focus on three things. Being absorbent, breathable and comfortable.  But they also allow you to add your own PM2.5 filter layer as well.  When you are shopping for cloth face masks these are the ones that you need.

A filter in a cloth face mask helps protect you from microscopic air particles.  It does this by blocking a higher level of particles in the air.  This helps you breathe better and protects you from getting sick or allergies.

If you have only a dual layer cloth face mask then, whilst you have protection, it is not as good as it could be.  Adding your extra PM2.5 filter to the third layer of your mask can make a real difference.  Adding your own filter layer to the third layer of the cloth face mask will block up to 90% of airborne particles.

And in these times, with wearing a face mask being normal, we need the best protection we can get.  So, if you are still using disposable face masks or cloth face masks that only offer dual protection, stop.  Invest in a washable cloth face mask with the option for you to add your own filter.  Then buy some PM2.5 filters and insert those.

What you end up with is a cloth face masks that is absorbent, comfortable and breathable.  You can also keep reusing it and washing it and do not have to worry about replacing it.  But what is most important is that your extra PM2.5 filter boosts your mask up to a safety standard close to an N95 mask.

And that is no bad thing.

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Buy from The Cloth Face Mask Store

If you want a cloth face mask that will last you a long time, go for a washable one.  It may not be the snuggest on your face, but it will last you and save you money.

If you want a cloth face mask that prioritizes comfort, then go for an adjustable face mask.  If you have found face masks to be too tight on your face in the past, then an adjustable face mask may be the way to go.

Both types of cloth face mask are breathable.  With extras layers to protect you from germs.  And both types can also support extra filters for added protection.

Picking either of these is a step up over disposable face masks.  And because more of us are now having to wear a face mask everyday it makes sense to pick one that is safe and secure.

We sell a range of cloth face masks that are adjustable or washable.  The washable face masks come in three styles. Plain color, thin stripes and thick stripes.

Each cloth face mask is made from 100% cotton, with three layers of protection. 

The first layer is the 100% cotton exterior of the fabric face mask. Layer 2 is a cotton muslin interior. Layer 3 is the optional protective insert for your air filter. Layer 4 is the outer layer that is rests against your mouth.

Made from cotton muslin it allows you to breathe and blocks microscopic particles. If you have not yet got a cloth face mask yet, get one from the Cloth Face Mask Store, a company you can trust. 

Please note that our cloth face masks are not medical grade.

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